Child Study Team

  • The Child Study Team is a multidisciplinary educational team that is responsible to locate, identify, evaluate, and determine eligibility for students suspected of having educational disabilities. If a student is determined to be disabled, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed. The student's placement and educational program are reviewed and a new IEP is written at least annually. The Child Study Team (CST) consists of a Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant (LDT/C), a School Social Worker, a School Psychologist and a Speech-Language Specialist.

    Any child who is having difficulty in school should first be referred to the school-based Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Team, to find solutions to those difficulties. If school-based general education efforts do not solve the difficulty, the I&RS Team may make a referral to the Child Study Team. Parents are part of the process and are informed before any action is taken. Parents/guardians have the option of making a direct referral to the Child Study Team, but working with the school-based I&RS is advised and an appropriate first step in most situations. Students or parents wishing to meet with the Child Study Team should contact the office for an appointment (522-1670).

Contact Information

  • Phone Number:

    (609) 522-1670

    Fax Number:

    (609) 522-6226


    4300 Pacific Avenue

    Wildwood, NJ 08260


Child Study Team Staff

    Dr. Jean Gwathney
    Child Study Team Supervisor

    Katalin Benkovic
    Learning Consultant (LDTC)

    Sierra Palmer
    Speech-Language Specialist

    Alicia Spinelli
    Speech-Language Specialist

    Katina Powell
    School Social Worker

    Diana Akeret
    School Social Worker