Child Study Team

  • The Child Study Team is a multidisciplinary educational team that is responsible to locate, identify, evaluate, and determine eligibility for students suspected of having educational disabilities. If a student is determined to be disabled, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed. The student's placement and educational program are reviewed and a new IEP is written at least annually. The Child Study Team (CST) consists of a Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant (LDT/C), a School Social Worker, a School Psychologist and a Speech-Language Specialist.

     Any child who is having difficulty in school should first be referred to the school-based Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Team, to find solutions to those difficulties. If school-based general education efforts do not solve the difficulty, the I&RS Team may make a referral to the Child Study Team. Parents are part of the process and are informed before any action is taken. Parents/guardians have the option of making a direct referral to the Child Study Team, but working with the school-based I&RS is advised and an appropriate first step in most situations. Students or parents wishing to meet with the Child Study Team should contact the office for an appointment (522-1670).

Child Study Team Staff

  • Renee McGaffney
    Child Study Team Supervisor

    Deborah Brenner

    Renee McGaffney
    Child Study Team Supervisor

    Deborah Brenner

    Nicolette Masino
    Speech Language Pathologist

    Katina Powell
    School Social Worker

    Melissa Vogt
    School Psychologist

Child Study Team Contact Information

  • Phone Number

    (609) 522-1670


    Fax Number

    (609) 522-6226



    4300 Pacific Avenue

    Wildwood, NJ 08260


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