Wildwood Public School District Superintendent

  • John K. Kummings

Superintendent Office Staff

  • Cheryle A. Conti
    Secretary to the Superintendent

Phone Numbers

  • Board of Education

    Phone: (609) 522-0786

    Fax:     (609) 523-1014  

    Superintendents Office

    Phone: (609) 522-4157

    Fax:     (609) 523-8161

COVID-19 Exposure Notification

  • Good Afternoon,
    The Cape May County Department of Education has requested that we notify them of any staff or students who have been found to have a presumptive exposure (someone who has been tested and the person has been told they were positive but were waiting on CDC Confirmation) and anyone who has been determined to have a confirmed case of the COVID-19 virus.  
    We will be providing the following information (NO NAMES) to the County once we receive this information from staff/students:
    • School name
    • District Name
    • Confirmed Case (Y/N)
    • Presumptive exposure (a test has been administered and the person has been told they were positive but waiting on the CDC confirmation)
    • Was it a Staff or Student? (NO NAMES!)
    Please email one of our school nurses if the above applies to you or one of your students during our school closure.  This information is confidential and numbers 's of cases will be shared per district- no names. 
    See below for emails and phone numbers of School Nurses:
    Lindsay Obermeier: lobermeier@wwschools.org 
    609-522-1630 ext. 3446
    Nicole Steelman: nsteelman@wwschools.org
    609-522-7922 ext. 2431
    Stay well...and thank you!


    J. Kenyon Kummings
    Wildwood Public Schools
    (609) 522-4157