Harrassment, Intimidation, and Bullying

  • Conducting the School Self-Assessment, each school is required to evaluate its implementation of the Anti-Bullying Rights (ABR) by using the attached Self-Assessment on an annual basis. The Self-Assessment tool includes eight core elements which address all of the ABR requirements for schools. A rating for each indicator must be assigned based on the criteria and available documentation. Samples of documentation that could be used to substantiate the ratings are provided for each indicator. It is essential for school staff to maintain sufficient documentation that will substantiate its ratings on each indicator. The maximum grade a school may receive remains 78. 

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

  • Renee McGaffney
    4300 Pacific Avenue
    Wildwood, NJ 08260
    (609) 522-1670 ext. 2425

Anti-Bullying Specialists

  • Glenwood Avenue Elementary

    Megan Rattray
    2900 New York Avenue
    Wildwood, NJ 08260
    (609) 522-1630 ext. 3440

    Wildwood Middle School

    Tobiellen Care
    4300 Pacific Avenue
    Wildwood, NJ 08260
    (609) 522-7922 ext.2420

    Wildwood High School

    Katina Powell
    4300 Pacific Avenue
    Wildwood, NJ 08260
    (609) 522-1670 ext.2426