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Health and Physical Education Courses


    The Physical Education Department of Wildwood High School provides students with knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve both physical fitness and the physical and leisure skills necessary to maintain a healthful and satisfying lifestyle. The development of social skills is encouraged through class activities. All students are required to take and pass health and physical education each year in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12.  

    Physical Education Goals:

    1. Teach students fundamentals, rules, safety procedures and game strategies appropriate for the respective activity.

    2. Provide students with an educational experience that will enable them to maintain a healthful and satisfying lifestyle through participation and knowledge of fitness, leisure and lifetime sport activities.

    3. Provide students with interpersonal experiences that develop their ability to work as a team, appropriately manage emotions and cope with success and failure.

    4. Develop students’ desire for lifelong learning and fitness.

    5. Teach students to accept responsibility for their actions.

    6. Assist students in developing responsible relations with a wide variety of people, in competitive and noncompetitive environments, in order to promote social growth.


    Grade/s: 9

    Credits: 5

    The purpose of the ninth grade health class is to increase student interest and broaden their comprehension and knowledge about healthy lifestyles.  The course is designed to establish interest in keeping the body physically, mentally, and nutritionally fit.  A skill – based wellness approach that addresses today’s major health issues for students, and decisions encountered by teenagers.  This course was written to meet National and State health guidelines.


    Grade/s: 10

    Credits: 5

    Students will learn the theory of preparation for behind-the-wheel driving with an emphasis on defensive driving techniques.  Students will also learn the motor vehicle rules and regulations as outlined by the State Department of Motor Vehicles. At the conclusion of the course the students are given the state written driver examination.


    Grade/s: 11

    Credits: 5

    Students will learn and develop the knowledge and skills needed to maintain healthy relationships and meet the challenges of being a responsible adult. Students will develop an understanding of the physical, emotional and social aspects of human relationships and sexuality. Students will also gain a better understanding of functional family living, family roles, and parenting. Students will explore topics related to sexual responsibility such as abstinence, STD’s, and pregnancy. Students will examine issues that impact families including divorce, poverty and addiction. The wide variety of subject matter is presented through class discussion, lecture, supplemental readings, projects, video and PowerPoint presentations.


    Grade/s: 12

    Credits: 5

    The purpose of this course is to provide students with the ability to research and explore current health topics and use the information in their everyday lives. Students will learn and discuss contemporary health topics which may include, but are not limited to, nutrition, diseases and epidemics, fitness, drugs and alcohol.  They will be required to complete selected readings and to prepare oral and written reports from updated multimedia materials.  Students will be exposed to various articles, videos, speakers and PowerPoint presentations related to various health topics.


    Any student with a documented extended medical exemption from Physical Education (2 weeks or longer) is required to submit a written report(s) in order to receive credit.   Students are expected to attend Physical Education class and take all required written tests and quizzes in the subject. Students are not required to take physical skill tests due to their medical waiver. The alternate assignment(s) must be submitted by the end of the marking period.  

    ****The student is responsible for giving a copy of their medical notice to their PE teacher and the nurse.