Visual, Performing and/or Practical Arts Course Offerings

  • All children require and must be provided with an opportunity for a meaningful arts education.  These core curriculum standards provide the foundation for creating a framework for essential arts education in all New Jersey schools.  They form the core of our expectations for New Jersey students.

    • All students will acquire knowledge and skills that increase aesthetic awareness in dance, music, theater and visual arts.
    • All students will refine perceptual, intellectual, physical and technical skills through creating dance, music, theater and/or visual arts.
    • All students will utilize arts elements and arts media to produce artistic products and performances.
    • All students will demonstrate knowledge of the process of critique skills through creating dance, music, theater and/or visual arts.
    • All students will identify the various historical, social and cultural influences and traditions which have generated artistic accomplishments throughout the ages and which continue to shape contemporary arts.
    • All students will develop design skills for planning the form and function of space, structures, objects sound and events.

    ART I

    Grade/s: 9 - 12

    This course is designed to give interested students an opportunity to experiment in a variety of art media and technique.  The student will be introduced to basic theory in design, composition and the usage of art equipment. The course involves the student in hands-on experimentation with a variety of art and craft processes.  Projects are designed to stimulate creative thinking and aesthetic problem solving while stressing originality and professionalism. This course is geared towards the individual’s needs and abilities. Each student has creative potential that can be broadened through the awareness of aesthetics.  Through experimentation and application, each student will increase his/her knowledge and skills in art. With guidance from the teacher each student works at an individual pace. Students are encouraged to express themselves within the guidelines of assigned media.

    ART II

    Grade/s: 10 –12

    This is a continuation of Art  1 with an introduction to Art History.  For those students interested in furthering their individual skill and visual language, this course stresses a more in-depth approach to various techniques and media.  Projects are designed to expand upon and reinforce the theory and skills introduced in Art I with greater breadth, sophistication and aesthetic perception. Its intent is to lead the student onward toward more creative and individual means of expression.


    Grade/s: 11 - 12

    Art Major is an advanced course.  A student must complete Art I and Art II, and have commitment to developing his/her own talents in the arts.  Art Major is concerned with furthering the creative spirit in youth. It provides the avenue to new experiences, which will help young people to grow in perception, appreciation, and knowledge of the Visual Arts. This course focuses on the sincerity of the student.  Each young artist will develop independently with the guidance of the instructor. Students are expected to demonstrate strong motivation and responsibility. The student is given the freedom to respond as an individual where individuality is the essence of artistic success. Emphasis will be placed on the development of visual language and awareness, and sensitivity of response.  The course stresses exploration of processes and materials, creative interpretation individual approach to art. The student is responsible for the development of a college entrance portfolio including a body of work exercises and sketchbook.


    Grade/s: 9 - 12

    This course will cover an extensive area of choral repertoire/voice through the use of voice techniques.  The student will also study basic music theory, sight singing and be exposed to dramatic, cultural and theatrical productions, American Musicals, and 21st century music.  This course is recommended for students who have an interest in singing and have a desire to improve their vocal techniques and basic music skills.  Students will be required to perform at concerts as a functional organization that represents the Wildwood School system.

    INTRODUCTION TO PIANO                    

    Grade/s: 9 - 12

    This course is for students who are interested in learning to play piano.  Individual and group instruction in keyboard, music theory and piano literature are taught.  Students will be required to participate in a student recital for an audience so that they may be observed in concert.


    Grade/s: 9 - 12

    High School band is offered to those students wishing to continue their studies in instrumental music from the Jr. High program.  Student will have the opportunity to perform a wide variety of music, from classical to the music of today. There will be several performances of the band throughout the year in which parents can observe their children.  In addition to the daily band rehearsals, students will be given a group lesson once a week. Attendance is mandatory for all performances.


    Grade/s: 9 – 12  (1/2 year course)

    Students will be given a general introduction to woodworking technology.  The course involves students in design and construction activities with various materials, using hand tools and machine tools.  The course will include identification and selection of materials, assembly and fastening techniques, abrasive, finishes, tool maintenance and safety.  Through this general orientation students may better relate with the world of work and have an idea of vocations through their experiences. Students will begin work in Industrial Arts Technology I with the premise that they have had little or no background in woodworking other than elementary school.


    Grade/s: 10 – 12

    This is an advanced study of technology with specific interest given to the continuance and further study of areas introduced in the first year course. Machines and hand tools will be reinforced and reviewed. Students will choose and plan more advanced independent projects that will suit their personal needs.  Students must have successfully completed Intro. to Wood Technology and have a sincere desire to want to learn and advance themselves in the field of technology.


    Grade/s: 10 - 12

    The Property Maintenance Course prepares students with entry level skills to perform inspection, preventive maintenance and repairs on residential and commercial properties.  Students will gain knowledge and skills in the basic maintenance of carpentry, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and other mechanical systems. Instruction will also include interior and exterior property maintenance finish work such as floors, walls, painting, window treatments, ceiling/exhaust fans and lighting.

    INTRODUCTION TO CULINARY ARTS                                     

    Grade/s:  9 - 12

    This Introduction to Culinary Arts class will enable the student to understand and participate in entry- level procedures involved in the foodservice industry. This includes beginning basics of knife skills, breakfast cookery, introduction to sanitation, culinary math, safety, usage of equipment and various culinary tools. This program will also provide entry- level understanding of portion control and cost management. Cold food production will also be included, as well as basic soups and sandwiches.


    Grade/s: 10 - 12

    This advanced Culinary Arts class will enable the student to understand and participate in entry- level procedures involved in the foodservice industry. This includes building on the foundation of knife skills, simple stews and beginning sauté entrees, Serve Safe sanitation course included in the curriculum, culinary math, safety, usage of equipment and various culinary tools. This program will continue to provide an entry- level understanding of portion control and cost management. Basic presentation will be introduced as it is a building block for Culinary Arts 2.


    Grade/s:  11 - 12

    This Advanced Culinary Arts class will enable the student to work in a more professional atmosphere, and be required to have an understanding of Intro to Culinary and Culinary 1. Students will work on complete meals, and will be able to cost recipes, and work within a budget to produce various soups, salads, and more complex entrees. This will include full meals, and special three course offerings. The environment in this class will be similar to that of a real professional kitchen. Students at this level will be required to work on various special events planned by the Principal and the Superintendent.  Students will be treated to a more democratic approach to food preparation, where they will have a voice in some of the production.


    Grade/s: 12

    Credits: 5

    The senior level co-op program is designed for students who exhibit the desire and maturity to work during the week while attending high school full time.  This course in combination with successfully working at a job during the school year will help the student to earn high school credit for real world experience.  This program will foster an understanding of workplace issues, real life topics, and life skills to aid the student with his or her transition from high school to life afterwards.  


  • Mr. Michael Crane - Industrial Arts -

    Mrs. Adrienne Laigaie - Music -

    Mr. Walt Mormello - Art -

    Mr. Stephen Serrano - Cooking and Related Culinary Arts -

    Mr. Charyl Syvarth - Band -