Technology Courses

  • The Technology Department offers a wide range of courses designed for students who plan to continue in business or related fields in college, students who plan immediate post-graduate high school employment and students who wish to develop business skills for lifelong personal use.  The department identifies the following proficiencies for all students who select Business Education/Technology courses.


    Grade/s: 9 – 12  (1/2 year course)

    Students in this course learn various computer applications.  The intent is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate a variety of software applications in order to produce quality desktop publishing and multimedia presentations.  Text, images, and graphic blends are covered.


    Grade/s: 9-12  (1/2 year course)

    Multimedia productions is a project-based course developed to familiarize students with the disciplines of blending video, audio, virtual reality, advertising , and graphic design together.  Students will form collaborative pairs and groups to plan and create projects intended to introduce them to a variety of careers such as marketing, advertising, video productions, broadcast journalism, web design, and communications.  Skills not only involve the creation of video products, but also the evaluation of multimedia as it exists in the world today such as documentary, film, news, and web-based mediums. Students must be open to presenting materials in front of audiences and on camera. The software application Photoshop will be explored at an introductory level. This course is not intended for students with advanced graphic design skills.


    Grade/s:     9-12

    Multimedia Productions II is a project-based course intended for students who have advanced skills and background knowledge in the field of multimedia productions. Students will form collaborative pairs and groups to plan and create projects at an advanced level. Students will learn and integrate new material into their multimedia projects like lighting, sound, Final Cut Pro, music productions, and special, visual, and optical effects. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash Animation will be thoroughly explored. School promotional projects such as Prom, Wildwood High School promotional videos, play, and other events will be produced in Multimedia II. Students will also explore the world of Web Design and the fundamentals in creating a working website for the 21st century. Students must be open to presenting materials in front of audiences and on camera.


    Grade/s:     9-12

    Computer Science is a new subject offering, provided as an online course, in which students will learn about computational thinking, computer programming, the appropriate use of the internet and the development of internet webpages, data security and the prevention of data breaches, ethical matters in computer science, and the global impact of advancements in computer sciences. Prerequisite: Students must seek approval through the Guidance Department.